Cambaum Group Business Optimization

More focused on total physical  access control solutions for Industry and innovative business.


In 2012, Cambaum Group and Kaba AG established a joint venture company in China. In 6 years’ time, the cooperation of both companies has achieved a tremendous success in China. Now both companies have decided to further their cooperation and to optimize their businesses by dormakaba China Ltd (Suzhou, China) acquiring the Commercial Building Solutions of PAS in China from Cambaum Group. On 27 April 2018, the acquisition has been completed.



In the future, Cambaum Group will continue to focus on the total physical access control (PAS) solution, specializing on the more complexed areas such as the PAS in the metro, railway, airport and immigration areas as well as innovative R&D.  As always, Cambaum Group will continue to produce high quality solutions for commercial buildings for dormakaba China Ltd (Suzhou, China), and to provide all necessary support to the satisfaction of our customers.



Cambaum Group will focus on our business development, increasing in the investment in innovation and to create opportunities to serve a wider field with a variety of customers.

Both companies agree not disclose further financial details of the transaction.



Leading the Future

Chengdu, one of the major cities in China, is on a full speed development in metro transportation system since the beginning of 2017.

As a leading access control solution provider, Cambaum is tasked with creating high performance, modern looking and user-friendly automatic fare gates and platform screen doors systems (PSD) for the metro line “Metro Line 10”.

Cambaum transformed these requirements into esthetically pleasing products which also create a welcoming feeling for the customer as well as a high level of security.

This also includes development with solid and reliable German design and engineering.

Cambaum is proud to supply these high-quality products which satisfy the customer need of Chengdu metro system




In May 2016 Cambaum moved into the newly built premises in Baden-Baden. A modern and dynamic corporate architecture with wide glass façades characterizes the building complex and reflects the future-oriented approach of Cambaum.

The new site comprises well-structured office and production facilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the building offers best working conditions and is also conveniently situated for transport. The new environment offers us the opportunity to develop and expand our business area and provides excellent perspectives.



Cambaum invests in the future

To meet the fast growing demands in Asia, Cambaum is building a 165.000 square meter manufacturing park in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

It will be used as a manufacturing hub for transportation AFC equipment, airport boarding gates, border control gates as well as security systems.



Cambaum in a new look

In the course of the dynamic development and the market positioning of Cambaum a new corporate design has been developed. At the beginning of 2016 Cambaum presents itself in a new look and is launching a new website.

The new logo and the new corporate design reflect not only our common identity and our shared values, they rather symbolize a promise behind the brand Cambaum which stands for reliable high-quality products.

Security - Anytime Everywhere - Our slogan is our mission. As we operate in a safety-critical environment we are working constantly to live up to this idea.

Cambaum’s new website will be expanded in further languages to offer customers, business partners and the interested public extended information about the company and its products.



New development center in Baden-Baden

In September 2015 Cambaum celebrated the completion of the structural work at the future location in Baden-Baden. The topping out of the roof truss marks a major milestone of the construction. On an area of 10.000 square meter a new office building and a production hall are being built. It is planned to move into the new premises in spring 2016.

Cambaum focus on development and engineering. With Baden-Baden Cambaum has chosen an ideal site as its technology suits the region with its growing and dynamic neighborhood very well.

Cambaum is currently located at Baden-Airpark in Rheinmünster. As the new building is designed for 80-100 employees, Cambaum is looking constantly for new qualified staff to satisfy customer needs.



Cambaum established branch in Hong Kong

The opening of the new branch in Hong Kong in April 2015 was marked by a grand celebratory ceremony attended by representatives of local authorities. It was a great honor to welcome the general manager of the AFC Shazhong Line, Mr. Thomas Lee as well as the team of the Hong Kong high-speed AFC system.

The new office is located in the center of Victoria harbor. With the new location Cambaum responds to the growing market demand in Asia Pacific. Our aim is to offer optimal customer service and to expand Cambaum’s market position within the region.



Cooperation with MTR Corporation Ltd. Hong Kong

With an average weekday patronage of over 5.4 million passengers, MTR is regarded as one of the world's leading railway operators in Asia. Against the background of a tender on behalf of MTR Cambaum has been awarded to supply the Automatic Fare Collection and Security Access Management System for the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) track. The SCL is a strategic railway line that stretches from Tai Wai to Admiralty, connecting several existing railway lines and passing through multiple districts in Hong Kong.

The winning of this project demonstrates our competitiveness and our ability to offer a comprehensive range of value-added products as well as excellent service.