Integrated Access Control Systems

The access control systems from Cambaum are suitable for various application areas such as office buildings, hotels, and industrial sites as well as public facilities or private entities. These systems ensure authorized access to secure or restricted areas.

In accordance with the local requirements and depending of the level of security the devices are equipped with different technical features. Based on a modular design Cambaum will assemble the access control system exclusively according to the customer specifications.

The product portfolio ranges from standalone systems fulfilling the highest security standards to integrated customized solutions which can be adapted and integrated into the building management system.

Half-Height Sensor Gate


The half-height sensor gate is primarily designed as an automatic access control to buildings or restricted areas. It is equipped with a RFID reader to detect transponders on ID cards. Cambaum offers the device in different designs adapted to the customer requirement.

  • Customer-specific adaptation in design and configuration
  • Intuitive, comfortable operation via an intelligent user interface system
  • Status indicator
  • Rejection of unauthorized persons, optionally equipped with integrated alarm
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Increased longevity
  • Low and easy maintenance