With a constantly increasing number of passengers, it is becoming more and more important to master the passenger flow safely, economically and efficiently without compromising comfort. Cambaum establishes an optimal infrastructure that is necessary to optimize the passenger flow and to develop innovative services.
With a full range of smart product solutions, Cambaum is able to fulfill the demands and requirements of customers. The product portfolio of Cambaum includes customized solutions for access control and ticketing systems, as well as platform separation.

Subway Automatic Gate Machine


Cambaum subway automatic gate machine was designed according to ergonomic standards, so the structure is strong and the balance between safety and security is fully considered.

Cambaum adopted the latest electromechanical integration control technology and uses multiple sets of hidden sensors to realize monitoring in the entrance and exit area in order to prevent unauthorized passage and to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

This gate adopts the latest logic control algorithm, which can accurately identify different passing objects such as adults, children, trolleys, luggage and wheelchairs. It also ensures a safe passage of authorized passengers while effectively preventing unauthorized passengers from following. In this way a safe and reliable control of entrances and exits can be achieved.

  • low voltage DC motor, small driving torque, safe
  • high quality German sensor system, accurately judges the appearance and behavior mode of people and objects
  • door wing is made of organic, lightweight materials. Under the premise of ensuring strength and permeability, it has excellent toughness and impact resistance and has protective effect on the personal safety and the motor
  • adopts anti-scratch ABS panel with reasonable human interface layout
  • upper cover plate can turn on 90°, stainless steel grinding side plates can be completely removed which ensures a convenient maintenance
  • whole gate cables adopt low smoke and halogen free flame-retardant material to meet the special needs of the rail transit industry
  • modular design, easy maintenance
  • opening and closing speed can be adjusted (03.-1s)
  • sufficient lighting hints and instructions: channel lights, bridge outcome lights, swipe card lights, pass-through permission lights, etc.
  • passed mainstream commercial EMC test certification
  • IP55 protection grade design

Automated Ticket Machine



In line with the modernization of public transport stations and improvement of transportation services, Cambaum offers automated ticket machines of the latest generation. Depending on the application and the requirement of the customer, different types of machines for installation at metro stations have been developed.

The self-service ticket vending machines are configured with electronic payment systems for issuing thermal paper tickets, accepting cash, credit cards or smart cards. The system can be operated comfortably by a touch-screen. Via an intelligent interface passengers can not only select their destination and their preferred payment method but are also able to recharge smart cards of the respective system operator. All our ticket terminals are equipped with the latest ticketing technology such as RFID or 2D barcodes.

  • Service available 24/7
  • Intuitive, comfortable operation via an intelligent user interface system
  • Processing of the latest ticketing solutions as RFID, mobile ticketing, barcodes etc.
  • Support of cash and non-cash payment services, high end bank note and coin validator
  • Integrated function for validation of electronic tickets and collection of transaction data
  • Ticket recycling function
  • Reliable high-resolution and high-speed receipt and report printers
  • Stainless steel, EMC compliant surface with antirust coating
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adequate safety device for the cash and ticket
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Customer-specific adaptation in design and configuration

Desktop Ticket Printer


The desktop ticket printers from Cambaum are especially developed to meet the demands of transport ticketing. We offer a type of high-performance thermal printer to support printing applications in the metro sector. Specific automatic functions such as 3 track magnetic reading and writing or an integrated detection of invalid tickets ensure a convenient and secure operation.

  • Processing of magnetic data carriers
  • LoCo/HiCo
  • 3 track magnetic reading and writing function
  • High-resolution thermal printing module
  • Automatic paper feed and paper positioning
  • Integrated cutting device
  • Feature for invalid ticket processing
  • Fault detection and alarm mechanism
  • Quantity memory
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Parameter setting
  • USB Interface
  • Flash Memory

Platform screen door


In the field of platform separation Cambaum offers half-height as well as full-height platform screen doors with well-engineered technology. The devices will be designed exclusively according to customer requirements and can easily be retrofitted to existing stations. Cambaum also offers related services such as installation, system integration and maintenance.

  • Prevent passengers from falling off the platform and minimize the risk of accidents
  • Improved comfort by blocking noise, dust and wind
  • Increase in energy saving
  • Safe and efficient passenger flow
  • Comprehensive security management system to ensure passenger safety
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Customer-specific adaptation in design and configuration