Cambaum is starting with a new Managing Director

August 2023

Cambaum is starting with a new Managing Director

Johannes Ibach assumes this role from Martin Kohmann since July 1st 2023.

With over 20 years of experience in the security industry, he will bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. “As the younger top management, I welcome progressive and open concepts that bring new vitality to our organization. In addition, I have gained a lot of experience in production and project management, design exchange, technology communication, product implementation and after-sales service between oversea and Germany over the past ten years” said Johannes Ibach.

Johannes Ibach has more than ten years of Asia working and management experiences, who can understand multiple-culture much better and easier. With the international perspective, he has the deep understanding of the rapidly developing market demands and can reaction accordingly.”


“He was ever responsible for the HK-MTR project, as the project Manager, he coordinated to multiple parties among Germany , Switzerland, America and HK locally. to control the milestone and time schedule, played an important role in the successful implementation of the project, and accumulated the experience in managing large-scale and fortified projects” said David Wang, main shareholder of Cambaum Group.


With the change in management, we are confident to drive positive changes and future view within our international organization to achieve the goals of the company.



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