Innovation Leader

We strive to become the innovation leader in our sector and offer outstanding and innovative products. For this goal, we put all our effort into our vision. All our products start with an idea and eventually result in an innovative, inspiring and sustainable product.

Setting Standards

With our products and solutions we aim at setting new standards in all areas. We offer a wide range of solutions which all meet the highest standards in engineering, design, safety, reliability and service.

Customer Satisfaction

At Cambaum the customer takes the center stage. All our products and solutions are developed and manufactured according to the customers’ requirements, ideas and wishes. We always think a step ahead and are therefore able to respond to our customers’ needs in a faster and better way. We understand our customers’ needs and offer them comprehensive and integrated solutions.


Our values guide us every day and have a great impact on all our decisions


At Cambaum Safety comes first. As we operate in a safety-critical environment we are working constantly to live up to this idea. All our employees are trained to work according to all rules, norms and regulations to ensure the safety of our products and the security of the consumers.

Highest Quality Standard

All our employees live up to the highest standard quality and so do our products and solutions. They are motivated to give their top performance every single day to achieve our goals.


We assume responsibility for our employees, our company and the society. We treat each other with respect and believe in sustainable and resource-efficient growth.

Commitment & Performance

Our Management and employees are committed and dedicated to perform at the highest level every day to accomplish our goals and realize our visions.